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Exterior foundation cracks and leaks are repaired by excavating to the footing (usually by hand). We then use 2 layers of the highest quality rubber membrane to seal the crack. This membrane adheres to the exterior of the foundation and prevents water from entering. The membrane will cover the entire problem area, overlapping the footing, and will extend above grade 2 to 4 inches. The membrane is applied to a clean dry, exterior surface with a mastic sealer to cover all seams. We also use a plastic vapor barrier and a backing board. The backing board keeps pressure off the repaired area and will protect the membrane from damage during backfilling. Exterior repairs are lifetime guaranteed.


Exterior Repair Excavation

First the problem area is exposed.


The membrane is sealed to the surface of the foundation and overlaps above grade and below the footing to insure a waterproof seal.


The membrane is sealed with a plastic vapor barrier and a 1 inch backing board to protect the membrane and prevent backfill from damaging the repaired area.