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French Drain - Footing Area Excavation

Our French drain systems are installed next to the foundation footing below the basement floor. The system intercepts and removes any water that rises above the level of the foundation footing.


A typical installation uses 3” or 4” perforated pipe to direct the water to a sump basin where it is then safely discharged from the home. Since these systems use 3” or 4” pipe and sit in a bed of 3/4” gravel they are considered high capacity.


Properly installed systems remove water before it has a chance to reach the basement floor. This water is diverted to a sump well recessed in the basement floor. A pump in the well discharges the water to a safe and legal location.

French Drain - Check Valve, Pump Installed


A PVC discharge line and check valve is used on every installation. Customized pipes can be installed for small areas. We can also include a battery backup system to help insure that water is pumped out during a loss of electricity (a common occurence after or during a severe storm). See the Sump Pumps link for more information.